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Lizette Santana, also known as Ola Santana, is a self-taught artist driven by a lifelong fascination with the world of art. Born in Puerto Rico and raised in Florida within an artistically inclined family, Santana's passion for drawing emerged during her early childhood. She initially embarked on her artistic journey by creating charcoal nude drawings, which marked the beginnings of her art career. As Santana ventured into new artistic styles, she discovered a profound connection with Pop Art, which ignited a fresh chapter in her creative path. Influenced by iconic artists such as Andy Warhol, Kaws, and Roy Lichtenstein, Santana felt inspired to break free from her previous artistic boundaries and embrace a new realm of expression.

One of Santana's distinctive artistic elements is her signature character, "KIDD," which originated from her first creation, "KREAM." Initially depicted in all white, KIDD was purposely designed without a defined face, allowing each viewer to interpret and imagine their own version. Santana explains, "I wanted to create a character that didn't have a concrete identity, allowing the audience to fabricate it." Through the expressions and emotions evoked by viewers, KIDD comes to life, becoming relatable and lifelike to all who encounter him.

Santana's captivating artwork has not only graced the walls of Downtown Coral Gables in Miami, FL and the vibrant streets of Wynwood, but has also reached far beyond. Her work has found homes and admirers across a wide range of locations, spanning from the sunny shores of Miami to the culturally rich landscapes of Morocco. With an unwavering passion, Ola Santana continues to expand her artistic horizons, driven by the desire to share her innermost feelings and joy with the world.Ola Santana is still expanding her art and wants to be able to share her feelings and joy with the world.


"My vision for KIDD is to become a beloved national figure. I aspire for people to see KIDD and instantly connect with their character, whether through their surroundings or body language. My ultimate goal is for you to feel something profound when encountering KIDD, forging a deep emotional connection. Together, let's embark on a journey of relatability and shared experiences through the power of art." - Ola Santana

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