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Ola Santana also known as Lizette Santana is a self-taught artist who has always had a fascination for art. Originally born in Puerto Rico and raised in Florida, Santana grew up in an artistic family. Drawing since her early childhood, Santana started her art career in charcoal nude drawings. After exploring new styles, Pop Art awakened a new chapter in her art career. Artist such as A. Warhol, Kaws and R. Lichtenstein inspired her to push past old limits and embrace a new form of expression. Many of her pieces include her signature character “KIDD” which originated after painting her first character “KREAM”. Not wanting to take away from the vibrant colors KREAM had to offer, KIDD was originally seen in all white. “I didn’t want to create an actual face, allowing the viewer to fabricate it”, Santana states. In her collections, KIDD comes to life through the expressions and feelings of all viewers, making him life like and relatable to all.  Her work has been displayed in Downtown Coral Gables Miami, FL , on the walls of  Wynwood in Miami and across many business's and households (ranging from Florida to The Upper New York area).

Ola Santana is still expanding her art and wants to be able to share her feelings and joy with the world.


" I want KIDD to be a national figure. I hope that one day you will see him and can relate to who he/she is. Whether that be due to his surroundings or body expressions, I want you to feel something." -Ola Santana

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